About Us


We are a hardwood flooring company, founded in 1988 and located in Noblesville, Indiana, that specializes in the care and maintenance of hardwood sport floors, hardwood retail store floors, and refinishing, repair or refurbishing of gym and athletic floors.

Started in 1988, A&H Athletic Floor Services Inc. aims to serve the needs of schools, athletic complexes, health clubs and recreational facilities by offering the highest quality sanding and refinishing services. We also provide lining services for both wood and synthetic floors as well as recoating for both types of floors.


President of A&H Athletic Floor Services Inc. he has been in the sport flooring industry since 1972. He first started sanding and finishing gym floors for his father during high school and college. All said, after 6 years of college and two degrees, he is still doing the same thing he did in high school.

Byron has worked for two of the leading manufacturers of gym finishes, Huntington Laboratories and Hillyard Chemical Company. Prior to starting A&H Athletic Floors, he was a territory salesman for three years for a leading sport flooring installation company serving four states and based out of the Chicago area where he sold both wood and synthetic sport floor systems.

Christian Hayden

Project Supervisor, he has worked for A&H Athletic Floor Services, Inc for over twenty years. Starting as a general laborer, his knowledge has grown to include all services the company has to offer. Specializing in sanding, repairs, and graphic design, his attention to detail lends itself to achieve the high standards he helped set.